Shrines to Mortality

by Omens

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released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Omens Des Moines, Iowa

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Track Name: nothing
To emptied pockets and a hope of karma catching up.
Left waiting and dragging feet only to be payed in lost ground and stippled skin.
To every rare glimpse of humanity and light and the legions devils amongst us to eclipse them all.
We disheveled collection of civilized animals
Climbing the ladder of sacrifice and unrelenting human misery
Inherited power to lord over inherent poverty
All history's forgotten bastard children
Arrogantly Pissing away life's gifts
Deaths blade be swift.
We deserve nothing we've been given.
Track Name: Breed Darkness
Together we shall breed this darkness
And let it infest like plague
Shadow will engulf this wasteland
The end is near

The world wilts and withers away
Clawing our way underground
Social order eradicated
Were all rats now

As No new day dawns
Broken we remain
Shrines to mortality
Dust to dust
Track Name: Hatemonger
May the light that guides you fade
Crude excuse for modern saints
Ignorance dulled mind
Abhorrent hearts spew false prophecies
Tactless social parasite
Stagnant species of tarnished "gold" bloodline.
Soap box savior of feign purity
Filth made, lord of deceit
Living, breathing, human fucking waste.
Hang your fucking head.
Track Name: Void Eternal
Oceans drain from the sky
Heavenless we are to trudge on
Dragging heavy heads like anchors
Pulling and swaying into abyss
With suffocating leagues between us.
The world weeps and hums it's final breath.
Beyond the void
Emptiness eternal.
Clear blue while the memory fades